Best GPU For Mining Ethereum in india


Best GPU For Mining Ethereum:

SO, Here we are going to discuss about Best GPU For Mining Ethereum Which are still available in India.

Yes, availability is now one of the biggest things to consider because graphics cards are now available with high prices but those cards who are giving top hash rates are actually unavailable, means you cant even buy them with high prices.Now, if you are thinking about buying a mining rig directly from anyone, that way you can get a good setup and your preferred cards but the problem is most of the times if you buy a preconfigured mining setup the seller actually sells you after mining for themselves.So that’s not actually new & you never know for much time they have used it mining. So to choose the  Best GPU For Mining Ethereum we will suggest you a few cards that are AMD based, Now, Why AMD? that’s because AMD’s latest cards focused on computer power rather than video memory also the Nicehash algorithm suits up better with AMD cards than Nvidia cards if you don’t know what Nicehash is, its the pool for mining ETH. check the link for more description.

So, here is a small list of cards that still available in the market also excels at ethereum mining.

  1. AMD RX 570 is giving  35Mh/s per card if you are able to optimize it properly.Check the link for more description.
  2. AMD RX 580 is giving 30 Mh/s per card.Check the link for more description.
  3. AMD RX VEGA 64  is giving 40-44 Mh/s per card.Check the link for more description.
  4. AMD RX VEGA 56  is giving 40-44 Mh/s per card.Check the link for more description.

Now you are determined that you want to mine ETH then one thing you must remember that always buy a graphics card having the memory size of at least 4GB.Because the 2GB cards can’t handle the DAG file required for mining Ethereum.And always choose the seller wisely and visit their store physically if possible.

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